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Very underrated album in my humble opinion and the one I played the most after ‘Kick’ and ‘X’.

I love so much about this record, from the first track ‘Questions’ sounding like a song from ‘The Beatles’ in their sitar period before I knew what that meant, to it being followed by a full balls-to-the-wall rock out on ‘Heaven Sent’.

Then ‘Communication’ turns up and we are back to regular INXS then it is back to balls and walls for the single ‘Taste It’ before another single, ‘Not Enough Time’, slides in with gorgeous backing vocals from Deni Hines.

Side One is rounded off by ‘All Around’ full of distorted vocals and throbbing guitars - I was always surprised that it wasn’t released as a single, to be honest.

Talking of singles, Side Two has two of their biggest starting with ‘Baby Don’t Cry’ followed by ‘Beautiful Girl’ - pair of worldys right there for me.

The album continues with ‘Wishing Well’ with all its dirty slinkiness, ‘Back On Line’ which is another that I thought could have been a single, ‘Strange Desire’ which is probably my favourite track on the entire record and finally the dark ‘Men And Women’.

I loved the original CD album cover with the lads in outfits that make them look like Thunderbirds (they are members of the Artane Boys Band from Dublin incidentally).

I was glad the vinyl release had the Sea Cadet on the front - used to skit my brother that he was the double of him as a kid! He wasn’t happy about that to be honest!

This is a proper time warp record for me, put it on and it is 1992 again. Who would have thought I’d still be playing it 30 years later?

If you fancy a copy it is available all over the place for about £25 although at least one outlet has it for just £13, do a search and grab yourself a bargain.

Tracks To Try: ‘Heaven Sent’, ‘Communication’, ‘Not Enough Time’, ‘Baby Don’t Cry’, ‘ Beautiful Girl’, ‘Back Online’, ‘Strange Desire’.

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