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The first of my Record Store Day 24 purchases I'm spinning was a complete impulse buy.  I was in the queue, waiting to pay, when I saw it on the shelf in all its orange glory and had to have it.

I was lucky enough to catch the Pixies at the Brixton Academy in '04; it was a real life moment.  I got into them long after they spit up and thought the chance to feel their live energy had gone, but thankfully, they ran out of money/mellowed/got bored and decided to get the band back together.

I have 'my' gig on CD after the band did a deal with a company called DiscLive, which basically released official bootlegs of each show a few days after in strictly limited numbers.  I think recording this is from later in the same tour, taken from the show at the legendary Red Rock Amphitheatre in Denver.

This tour had the original band playing, David Lovering, Joey Santiago, Kim Deal, and Black Francis (or whatever he was calling himself at the time), together for the first time in over a decade.  They sounded phenomenal, tight as a drum, and Francis' voice was as strong as ever.

This double-disc album includes a whopping 27 songs from the set and features all the classics: 'Here Comes Your Man', 'Where Is My Mind?', 'Hey', 'Debaser', and on and on. 

The packaging is lovely, as are the records themselves, which are pressed on beautiful orange/red splatter 140g vinyl.

Fancy a copy? The remaining RSD24 stock will be available from your favourite indie stockist from 20:00 tonight. I've received an email from Piccadilly Records in Manchester saying they have it for £36, and Rough Trade has it for £34 on their website, too.

Tracks To Try: Any of them.


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