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It's hard to believe, but this album is 30 years old.  No, honestly, it was released in 1994. This fact alone has made my head almost fall off.  I still remember my better half buying it on CD in HMV like yesterday.

Anyway, let’s cut to the chase: I love the album. A proper ’time and a place’ record this. It is a reminder of a time filled with dancing, drinking, and not having a care in the world.  Thirty years ago, though! Where has my life gone?

This was Kylie’s first album after breaking free from Stock, Aitken, and Waterman. She signed with the uber-cool dance label Deconstruction and released arguably more credible music.

The first single of the record, ‘Confide In Me’, is, in my opinion, as good as anything she has ever released. It was a real statement track, a new sound, a new attitude.  The video is cracking, too, a sort of creepy infomercial with a slightly unhinged-looking Minogue as the host.

Talking of videos, gone was the poodle-permed kid dancing around her bedroom in ‘I Should Be So Lucky’, here was the new Kylie recreating Barbarella in the video for ‘Put Yourself In My Place’, floating naked in space.

The other single released from the record was ‘Where Is The Feeling’.  I remember it coming on in a club and watching the dance floor explode with limbs; it's a perfect track to throw shapes to.

Elsewhere, ‘Surrender', ‘Automatic Love’, ‘Where Has The Love Gone’, ‘Falling’ and ‘Time Will Pass You By’ could easily have been singles.

‘Dangerous Game’ deserved more attention, in my opinion, starting slowly and then building to a massive finish with Minogue belting out the final lines, proving how strong her voice was.

The record mixes pure pop, R&B, dance and trip-hop, and I think it has aged well.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed giving it a blast for the first time in years, doing some proper chair dancing for the last 45 minutes!!!

Fancy a copy? An original 1994 pressing will set you back well over £100. I’m surprised that this limited edition reprint on white vinyl will cost you over £50.  As it is the record's 30th anniversary, I think there may be a reissue later in the year; keep an eye out.

Tracks To Try: Any of them.


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