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Today would have been Big Country frontman Stuart Adamson’s 66th birthday.  Tragically, he took his own life in 2001 after battling alcoholism and depression.  He left us some brilliant songs, though, so I thought I’d give this greatest hits a blast.

Big Country is a Scottish rock band formed in 1981. They are famous for their distinctive Celtic sound, which draws on themes of Scottish heritage and working-class life. Adamson’s distinctive vocals and full-throttle live performances gained them an army of fans in the 1980s.

This album is a brilliant introduction to the band; all the hits are here, including ‘In A Big Country’, ‘Look Away’, ‘Chance’, and ‘Fields Of Fire’, as well as some less known but equally good (in my opinion) tracks like ‘King Of Emotion’, ‘Broken Heart (Thirteen Valleys),' and ’Save Me’.

In the 1990s, the lineup changed, and so did their sound, evolving to include more alternative and rock influences.

I actually bought the 12” of ‘Republican Party Reptile’ in 1991 because of this new sound - it is all slide guitar and pounding drums - excellent.

Unfortunately, they never saw the same levels of success as in the previous decade and eventually split up in 2000, just a year before Adamson’s death. It was a great loss, but he did leave some great songs with us.


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