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Updated: Jun 15

JW Francis is another artist that popped into my consciousness via BBC6Music when his frighteningly catchy song ‘John, Take Me With You’ received heavy rotation last year. That song was enough for me to take a punt on this Dinked Edition (which arrived 6 months after I paid - the joys of limited release vinyl orders I guess).

So what do you get from Mr Francis? 11 upbeat jangle-pop songs, all wonky guitars and distorted vocals - think The Strokes on their day off - from an artist who comes across as one of the good guys.

According to JW, the album is all about escape. Escape with a loved one, escape from the physical walls that keep us penned in, escape from feeling bad about yourself.

This album might be up your street if you fancy a blast of charming, (mostly) optimistic lo-fi songs delivered through slightly warped vocals and slightly contorted guitars.

Tracks To Try: ‘John, Take Me With You’, ‘Maybe’, ‘Don’t Fall Apart’, ‘I’m Probably A Ghost’.


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