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Updated: Jun 15

What happens when you mix a few high-quality IPAs, the Best Of The 80s on one of the retro TV channels and eBay? In our house, you end up paying a whopping £7 for a classic pop album.

I know I’m going to haemorrhage cool points here, but I love this album. Another cracking 80s LP which just happens to include some of, in my opinion, the best singles of the decade.

This little beauty includes ‘Shattered Dreams’, ‘Heart Of Gold’, ‘Turn Back The Clock’ and ‘I Don’t Wanna Be A Hero’. I mean, come on, what a quartet!

There are some belting album tracks on it too. Try the likes of ‘Don’t Say It’s Love’, ‘What Other Reason’ and ‘Don’t Let It End This Way’, plenty in there to fill the ‘Forgotten 80s’ feature on Absolute Radio.

I convinced myself to spurge the price of a decent coffee on the album after remembering that the track ‘Listen’ was on it. Worth purchasing for that track alone for me.

Considering the actual record is 35 years old it is in decent condition. A bit crackly at the start (even after a good clean) but still sounds good

Fancy a copy? Check out eBay or Discogs, there are tons on there with various prices and gradings. Choose wisely and you could be the owner of a good copy of one of the best pop albums of the 80s.

Tracks To Try: Any of the songs I’ve mentioned.


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