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Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Well, it arrived, ordered in January 2021 the reissue of the self-titled debut by Kalax finally made its way to my house (or rather to the Post Office as they hadn't paid enough postage - doh!) I eventually got my hands on it though which is the main thing.

To be honest, what I got my hands on wasn't what was advertised, the record was supposed to be black and neon pink but because of a cockup at the pressing plant, they produced this magnificent black and aqua blue effort - I'm ok with this happy mistake.

This album is a classic Retrowave synth-a-thon, all 80s sci-fi film soundtrack and crisp instrumentation. The production is fantastic as is the pressing, it absolutely sings on my system. The Liverpool-based producer may struggle to get his tracks onto vinyl, but he certainly has no problem getting them out of his head and into the mix.

There is a good balance of instrumental cinematic tracks and more retro pop songs on the LP including ‘Carousel’ which details the start of the relationship between Michael and Star in Lost Boys from what I can tell (how much more 80s can you get?)

If you are into Retrowave or fancy taking a punt on the genre you can do far worse than to pick up a copy of this album from Bandcamp. Be quick though, this half-and-half version is limited to just 250 copies.

Tracks To Try: ‘Soaring’, ‘Renegade’, ‘The Ride (Into the Midnight)’


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