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Never judge a book by its cover, the old saying goes.  Well, I'm ashamed to say I did with this album.  This is the Rough Trade Club album of the month, which arrived as part of my subscription the other day.  I looked at the cover and decided it would be swapped with something a bit less rap.

It isn't rap; it is indie rock.  But it's not just indie rock; it's a unique blend of influences that will keep you guessing.  Drawing inspiration from Bloc Party, The Hives, The DMAs, The Rapture, Depeche Mode, and Empire Of The Sun, this album is a genuine mixed bag of upbeat anthems.

Peace Okezie (as his mum calls him because it is his name) admits to magpieing other artists too, "I drew influences from Indie sleaze and indie dance acts such as Friendly Fires, Justice, LCD Soundsystem and early Calvin Harris. But beyond this, I also found inspiration in the soundtracks to some of my favourite shows: Skins, Misfits & even Waterloo Road."

This record is brand new but sounds sufficiently retro to stop my teeth from itching.  I usually feel too old to listen to a 'yoof' album, but this is a throwback to the early Noughties indie pop scene I was all over.

I might not necessarily be the target audience for Okezie's songs about Black British youth dealing with drugs, alcohol, money and love, but I certainly appreciate them.  The album is banger after banger, and who can't get on board with that?!

A record rarely surprises me, but that is precisely what this album has done.  It is fabulous, there I've said it.

When I signed up for the Rough Trade Club album of the month, I was sceptical, but this record has not only repaid my faith in the scheme but made the whole thing worthwhile.

If you fancy a copy, this Rough Trade yellow and green swirl version is available for £25 and comes with a bonus CD.  A translucent yellow version is also available for the same price via the same vendor.

Tracks To Try: 'Los Narcos', 'Lodge', 'Panic101’, 'Start You Up', 'I Might Be Fake', 'Sick In The Bathroom', 'Heaven'.


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