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Updated: Jun 15

This is a Valentine's gift from my better half; what says I love you more than a concept album which focuses on the sociopolitical conditions in 1970s Britain loosely based on George Orwell's political fable Animal Farm?  Yeah, she nailed it!!!

I don't think I've ever listened to this album all the way through until I received this record; however, I've heard all the tracks individually and also live via the fantastic Australian Pink Floyd Show (if you get the chance to see them, give them a go - massively impressive).

Doing some research, it seems that this is almost a Roger Waters solo album in all but name, with him writing and singing just about everything and having complete control of the project, even down to the concept for the famous album cover featuring Battersea Power Station and a 40 ft, helium-filled pig.

Coming to this with fresh ears, I initially struggled.  It felt like massive, sprawling, unwieldily musical pieces with some vocals tacked on here and there.  After recalibrating myself to listen to an album of just five songs, three being over ten minutes, I relaxed and really enjoyed the record.

I've read mixed reviews of this album; I've seen full 10/10s and some harsh low numbers, mainly because the reviewers take umbrage with the band using two old tracks and an underdeveloped concept.  To be fair, David Gilmour agreed, saying, "It wasn't one of the more productive periods of our life.  We used those two tracks which went back to '74, changed the names, doctored them around and stuck them on the album.  It was not one of our creative high points, really."

This record gets significantly better with each play.  Okay, it isn't at 'Darkside Of The Moon' or 'Wish You Were Here' levels to me just yet, but I'm confident it is only a matter of time.  I have friends who will tell you this is peak Pink Floyd; who knows, eventually, I might agree with them.

This is the 2018 remix of the album confusingly released in 2022.  The delay was because Waters and Gilmour couldn't agree on liner notes - I'm not joking.  However, they agreed on the new cover, which some traditionalists don't like.  Personally, I love it.

Anyway, the wait is worth it, as this sounds phenomenal.  I have no way of comparing it to the original; this is my first copy of the record, so go easy with the shade-throwing.  Reviewers agree it is a sympathetic remix, enhancing the '77 release, but everyone will have their own opinion.

This version is available all over the internet for about £25


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