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Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Everything But The Girl have returned with a new single 'Nothing Left To Lose'. It is the first new music from Tracey Thorn and Ben Watt in 24 years and is the lead single from their new 10-track album ‘Fuse’.

According to Thorn, 'Nothing Left To Lose' was the last track the pair wrote for the album “We had it around with some different lyrics that were only about half what they are now. It was more vague and theoretical and I just couldn’t work out why it wasn’t working, then there was a moment where we realised that the music was so urgent, direct and emotional that the lyric needed to be that.

“From there I wrote it very quickly. It’s just a classic, desperate, yearning lyric about trying to connect with someone. I wrote the lyrics, came back and Ben told me he had these other lyrics, ‘Kiss me while the world decays, kiss me while the music plays’. We put them on the end because it was a killer line.”

The video for the track was directed by Charlie Di Placido who has worked with Jungle, Nines and Kojey Radical.

Thorn continued: “We didn’t want to be in the video or to do a straight performance. We just really wanted something to dramatise the energy and emotion of the track. Choreography seemed the obvious way. I said that Jungle always make really good videos, we Googled them and reached out to Charlie. He was just really enthusiastic straight away.

“We wanted the dancing to capture the mood of the song and he just got it, so we let them get on with it. He had this brilliant idea to film it all in one take. We went down to the shoot and saw all the perfectionism and how much everyone put into it and just went, ‘Fuck guys! This is incredible!’”

Click on the image to watch the video.


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