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Updated: Jun 15

Wrest - the best band you have never heard of - are back with a new release, 'Bedtime Rhymes EP'. They previewed the five new songs at the Writers' Museum in Edinburgh, and uploaded the video last night.

When asked about the recording, the band said: "Last month we were invited to record a live session at The Writers' Museum in Edinburgh, based in the 400 year old Lady Stair's House. The museum is dedicated to three of Scotland's greatest ever writers - Robert Burns, Sir Walter Scott, and Robert Louis Stevenson. We took the opportunity to play the upcoming Bedtime Rhymes EP in full."

They played 'Its On Me, Love', 'Little Star', 'Old Times', 'Keep Going' and 'Florida'. No word on a release but they are big on releasing vinyl so fingers crossed. Click on the image below to was the full session.


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