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  • Rob


So, in keeping with his presidency, Trump is taking his recent defeat with grace and dignity. He is currently spitting dummies out left, right and centre issuing lawsuits in Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Nevada to try and get ballots thrown out for some pretty tenuous reasons.

In Arizona, his team has issued court proceedings asking for votes cast using Sharpie pens be removed, in Georgia wants 53 mail-in ballots to be discounted as they came in late despite not having any evidence that they didn't arrive in time. In Pennsylvania, he claimed his observers couldn't see the count after originally claiming they excluded and having to do an embarrassing climbdown in court. If his team were so worried they could have watched the count from the comfort of their home as it was being live-streamed via YouTube.

In Michigan, they went to court claiming that workers were instructed to backdate ballots, their evidence? A Post-It note with a message scribbled on it! Finally, in Nevada, they tried to block the use of a machine which automatically verified signatures claiming a 79-year-old blind woman had her ballot stolen and used to vote Democrat. They checked with the voter, confirmed it was her signature and offered to let her recast a vote. Needless to say, that was the end of that.

Kudos to Stu (@chantal_oiseau) on Twitter for the brilliant sketch...


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