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I can only apologise for the appalling title of this post, it is almost as tacky as this offering from The Royal Mint. Those precious metal fondlers are cashing in on the James Bond franchise by knocking up a range of bars embossed with the famous 007 logo on one side, the No Time To Die one on the other and all the other titles in the background.

The bars come in one-ounce gold, one-ounce silver and 10-ounce silver flavours and are priced in line with the fluctuating prices of silver and gold. Depending on the prices at the time you buy, they could range from about £30 for the silver one-ounce bar to around £1,600 mark for the gold version.

The Royal Mint said: 'An unmistakable British icon joins The Royal Mint’s bullion range as we mark the release of the latest Bond movie, No Time To Die. Our new stylish gold and silver bars celebrate James Bond, the world-famous and quintessentially British spy – alongside his sophisticated and intriguing world.

Reflecting the opulence and luxury of Bond’s breathtaking adventures, the world’s first James Bond bullion bars feature an outstanding design and present an investment opportunity that will have timeless allure.'

Andrew Dickey, divisional director of precious metals division at the Royal Mint, said: “From Goldfinger to GoldenEye, gold has been featured heavily in the James Bond films, and we feel the popularity of the franchise, combined with the appeal of gold, will be a big hit with our customers.”

Interested? Click HERE to be taken to the Royal Mint website, click on the image below to watch a promotional video for the bars, if you want to get me a present, put me down for one of the big gold ones, nice one!


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