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  • Rob

THAT 80's PODCAST 45...

In the immortal words of Bobby Chariot; "Hooooow you didlin'?" No? In the other immortal words of the greatest warm-up man you have never seen, "Sod yer then!" Hope you made it through Storm Babet unscathed. Big hugs to you all.

To celebrate making it to the weekend in (hopefully) one piece, why not pour yourself a stiff one (oo-er), put on your slobber-clobber and turn on some banging 80s tunes? Need some inspiration? Well, the talented Mr Hayes has you covered.

Click on the link below to hear bangers from the likes of Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Talk Talk, Thompson Twins, Erasure, Donna Summer, Red Box, Anita Baker and many, many more...


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