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I hate tacky tie ins, I'm not the biggest fan of the Star Wars films and I'm in my 40's so I shouldn't want a pair of Adidas trabs made to look like Chewbacca. And yet...and yet...these are boss and I need them...NOW! I know I will never wear them outside because a) I'm a middleaged man and b) I'd be terrified they would get dirty but I still need them.

Available exclusively from the Adidas Store, these Empire Strikes Back inspired kicks cost a whopping £120 but, as you can see, they are fabulous (well I think they are anyway).

They have been released to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Episode V...and to make George Lucas a few more bob as he is clearly down to his last $86 billion. The beaut.

Here is what Adidas has to say about them: "RROOAARRGGHH!" is one of his most famous lines on "The Empire Strikes Back". This redesign of the classic Rivalry Hi is made to honour the 7'5'' loyal Wookiee: Chewbacca. ​ ​

What feels like strands of Chewie's hair sit on the upper of this Rivalry Hi, making this fan-favourite Star Wars character somewhat more tangible. A piece on the tongue of the shoe gives a nod to the belt he wore on the "The Empire Strikes Back". The sock liner has a print featuring him on it. The special packaging includes dedicated lace jewels and a poster. ​

A clear choice to represent Chewie, the Rivalry silhouette was first created for the basketball courts in the '80s before being adopted by the skateboarding, punk, and BMX scenes then eventually becoming the streetwear icon it is today."

These amazing boots go on sale at 11:00 PM on Wednesday 21st October, click HERE to get them in your life.


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