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Poor old Madonna is clearly on the bones of her arse based on the ridiculous price she has put on a ticket to see her this year. Using the O2 Priority app we eventually managed to get to the ticket sale page for the Celebration Tour only to find that prices start from £143.85 with the only other available ticket (at the time) costing a whopping £225.85.

According to the website Celebrity Net Worth she has a cool $850m in the bank so why are the tickets so eyewateringly expensive?

I get that there are a lot of costs involved in putting on a massive production and dragging it from city to city but does that cost £3.7m per gig (based on an average ticket price of £185 multiplied by the capacity of the O2)? That is before all the VIP packages, the merch and the surge in royalties from streaming media as fans 'get in the mood' before the gig.

At the time of writing, the tour runs for 37 nights across North America and Europe, if the ticket prices and venue capacities are roughly the same then when she walks off stage in Amsterdam on 1st December after her final gig she will have pocketed around £135m in ticket sales alone.

According to the blurb on the Ticketmaster site "To date, Madonna has performed about 700 shows across 11 concert tours, generating over $1 billion in ticket sales, and is the highest-grossing female touring artist of all time." With prices like this, it is little wonder she has banked so much poke.


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