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Updated: Aug 10, 2020

The debut album by Will Westerman who is ‘like a young Peter Gabriel in a late-capitalist world, his music falls somewhere between artful soft rock and confessional electronic pop’...or so it says on the label from Rough Trade.

I’m not sure about all that, what I do know is that Westerman has listened to a lot of Talk Talk and possibly all of his parents John Martyn albums.

This album is full of folky songs that have been electronica-afied (not a word but I’m struggling to explain). Imagine if a soulful acoustic song had a bunk up with a synthesiser AND a sampler in the back room of a studio, the result would be something like this!

Ignore my terrible analogy, Westerman writes pristine songs. The production is so crisp too making the absolute most of his voice. This definitely an album to listen to as opposed to just having on in the background, it deserves your full attention.

Tracks to try: Confirmation or Blue Comanche

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