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Updated: Jun 15

It may come as a surprise to some but not only are Erasure still going but they have just released a new album - their 18th - called The Neon. After the more downbeat, thoughtful album 'World Be Gone' which reflected a world full of doubt and angst with Brexit and Trump on the horizon, The Neon is pure pop greatness.

Look, this is an Erasure album so it isn't going to deviate too much from the tried and tested formula, The Neon is the pure essence of Erasure, a nod to their earlier albums which, as a fan, is fantastic. It isn't like the band have run out of ideas - their side work is varied and vibrant - it is just that they know how they should sound and have refined it to produce this album.

Side A of this album is probably as good as anything they have released since the early '90s in my opinion. Lead single 'Hey Now (Think I Got a Feeling)' is a dancefloor-ready banger which is followed by probably my favourite track on the album, 'Nerves of Steel'. 'Fallen Angel' and 'No Point Tripping' continue to pure pop journey before the side finished with 'Shot A Satellite' which could have come directly from 1994's 'I Say, I Say, I Say' or 1995's self-titled release.

Side B isn't as strong but there are still some gems on there 'Diamond Lies' will probably be/should be another single off the album, 'Tower of Love' is a more considered track and 'New Horizons' is a simple piano and vocal number which is a pallet cleanser after all that rich, sugary poppiness that has gone before. 'Careful What I Try To Do' is another track that could have been lifted from a 90s release. The album ends with the beautiful 'Kid You're Not Alone' complete with intentionally wobbly synth.

If you are a fan of Erasure, this will be right up your street. It is, on the whole, bright pop greatness. It is a better record than their last release, 'World Be Gone' as it feels more optimistic. It doesn't do anything revolutionary but, in these weird times, it is good to have something safe and, more importantly, fun I reckon.

Tracks to try: Hey Now (Think I Got A Feeling), Nerves Of Steel, Shot A Satellite


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