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I'd never heard of Aaron Frazer before stumbling across his new album via a mail shot from one of the many record shops I frequent with alarming regularity. Apparently he is the drummer in the soul revival group 'Durand Jones and the Indications' (no, me neither) but it is clear he is wasted behind a kit when he has a voice like his.

Frazer has an angelic soft falsetto and a penchant for vintage soul music creating a brand new album that sounds authentically retro - not a surprise considering that one of the contributors was L Russell Brown, an 80-year-old songwriter who penned hits for Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons amongst others.

The album came about when The Black Keys' musician Dan Auerbach invited Frazer to his Nashville studio for an intensive session of writing, playing and recording which resulted in this impeccably slick, polished record.

This is a real departure to what I've been listening to recently, a real break from angry indie and modern British jazz. I think it is my mum's love of Motown having an influence on me, all that great music she played when I was a kid has seeped in via osmosis, attracting me to this album subconsciously.

There are plenty of blissful, slow burning songs to sink into, with a sprinkling of upbeat tracks to get you nodding and tapping all delivered beautifully by Frazer. I can easily imagine The Temptations singing their way through most of this album and feeling grateful I'd hear them do it.

Want a break from all the identikit music in the charts? Try this. Want something to listen to that isn't raging against some sort of injustice? Try this. Want to listen to a brand new album that sounds like it has been in your parents record collection since the 60's? Try this. Want something you can kick back and relax to? Try this. In short, try this.

Tracks to try: If I Got It (Your Love Brought It), Done Lyin', Lover Girl or Can't Leave It Alone.

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