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Updated: 5 days ago

I knew nothing about Caitlin Rose but took a punt on this album after it was recommended by someone on Twitter whose opinion I value. I read that she is jokingly thought of as the alt-country Taylor Swift (without the massive worldwide sales I would guess) but bought it anyway.

I had to look up what ‘Cazimi’ is. According to the internet, it is “an astrological designation for when a planet is in such close proximity to the sun that it’s considered to be in the heart of it”.

So what has that got to do with the album? In the press notes, Rose explains that she defines ‘Cazimi’ as “a place where a person can stand empowered by their own light rather than eviscerated by it”. It certainly feels as if Rose was energised when writing this album, it is confident even when she sings of failed relationships or self-destructive traits.

Although some of the lyrics may be dark, Rose's beautiful voice shines in these shimmery pop songs. There is also a healthy Country twang across the record and some ripping rock guitar which is always welcome.

If you fancy getting some beautifully delivered pop/Country/Americana goodness in your life, you could do much worse than this album. It is available everywhere for around £25 on standard vinyl with Rough Trade selling a very limited edition silver record for £27 and Sister Ray has it in violet for the same price.

Tracks To Try: ‘Modern Dancing’, ‘Get It Right’, ‘Nobody’s Sweetheart’, ‘’Lil Vesta’, ‘How Far Away’


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