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I begrudge paying for TV channels (despite having Sky, Netflix and Amazon) so the thought of signing up for another should boil my piss, but if I get the chance to get HBO Max I will be all over it! The latest object of my desire is Class Action Park, a feature-length documentary about an American theme park. Doesn't sound too riveting, does it? Read on!!!

The documentary examines Action Park, a water park that opened in New Jersey in 1978 but closed in 1996 after the owner was persued by personal injury lawyers. The reason for the lawsuits? Multiple patrons died while visiting the park and over the years, people were “electrocuted”, “decapitated,” suffered “fractured vertebrae,” were “impaled,” or “had a heart attack” while visiting the park.

The park was a place where kids could go wild. Giant cliffs to jump off, a waterslide that did a loop-the-loop, ridiculously fast gocarts, concrete toboggan runs, a tsunami inducing wave pool - this place had it all but not very much in the way of health and safety. It was an accident waiting to happen and it did, too many times. Click on the image below to watch the trailer.


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