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  • Rob


I don't know about you, but if I spend £170 on a pair of trabs, I want them to look fabulous. I want the whites to be so bright that they can be seen from space, and I want the colours to make a rainbow blush. I don't want them to come out of the box looking like they have been dragged along a wet motorway for 10 miles - apparently, someone at Adidas thinks some people do.

According to the website, the colour of these trainers is 'Putty Grey / Grey Four / Orbit Grey', which obviously sounds better than 'Mud Splattered / Dirt Riddled / Manky'. Imagine having the stones to ask £170 for trabs that look ready for the bin. There is always someone out there with more money than sense.

If you fancy a pair of box-fresh trainers that look like they have peeled off a tramp, head to the official Adidas store and stump up the cash. Alternatively, they are available in several bright, clean, vivid colours and 'Core Black / Core Black / Core Black' - these are all black, thanks for confirming Adidas!!!


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