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This is almost too daft to be true. Corey Harris was scheduled to attend his court hearing via Zoom. Once connected, Judge Cedric Simpson could see movement in the background and inquired if Harris was driving. Harris confirmed that he was, explaining he was arriving at his doctor's office.

The irony was palpable. Harris's hearing was about his suspended driver's license, and here he was, driving during the hearing. The public defender, sensing the irony, swiftly requested an adjournment, asking for the trial to be postponed for up to four weeks, if the court allowed.

Judge Simpson, puzzled, remarked, "So maybe I don't understand something. This is a driving while license suspended case, and he was just driving, and he didn't have a license."

Consequently, Judge Simpson revoked Harris's bond and ordered him to jail. I'd be surprised if he didn't drive himself to the lockup himself! Click on the image below to watch. It is worth it to see the look on the judge's face!!!


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