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What if Wes Anderson reimagined Ridley Scott's classic, Alien? That is what YouTuber AI Fungi wanted to know and set artificial intelligence the task to create it. This is impressive and creepy in equal measure. The blurb says: "Embark on an epic journey to the depths of space, the 1979 classic "Alien" is reimagined through the unique and imaginative lens of Wes Anderson in 'Extraterrestrial Expedition'.

"This extraordinary fan-made trailer offers a fresh perspective on Ridley Scott's epic masterpiece, blending Anderson's distinctive style with the awe-inspiring landscapes and extraordinary creature called Xenomorph, created by the so-called 'Engineers'.

"Follow Ripley, an experienced and dedicated warrant officer, serving aboard Nostromo, has to claw her way out of a frightening situation."

Click on the image below to view the fruits of the computers labours...


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