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  • Rob


Ever wanted a cookbook exploring desserts that can be created using Toblerone as the main ingredient? No, me neither! It seems someone has thought as they have created the 'Toblerone Cookbook: 40 Fabulous Baking Treats'. Hmmm...

According to the blurb: "Toblerone's legendary almond and honey triangular chocolate bar is loved the world over and sold everywhere, from international airports to local corner shops.

"This beautifully packaged, fabulously fun cookery book celebrates the versatility of this iconic chocolate bar and shares 40 fantastic foolproof recipes featuring all four Toblerone varieties - milk, fruit & nut, dark and white.

"Covering everything from classics such as a decadent Black Forest Gâteau and irresistibly gooey Brownies to special occasion cakes for birthdays, Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween and Christmas, it also includes desserts and no-cook treats such as a Knickerbocker Glory, a Chocolate Fudge Mug Cake and Rocky Road, as well as gluten-free bakes that take cooking with this famous chocolate bar to the next level."


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