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The 1991 film The Rocketeer may have been bang average, but it looked really good to me - I'm a sucker for that retro aesthetic. With that in mind, Okkto has created this cracking-looking watch to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the film's release.

The company took their cues from Dave Stevens' iconic character design to produce something special and unique. The watch is officially licensed and limited edition so if you fancy grabbing one, you better get in there quick!!!

The watch is available in two versions:

Regular Edition - Approx. £120

  • The Rocketeer Watch

  • 'Rocket-Pack' etched case back with Dave's initials

  • Premium Gold Foil Gift Box

Limited Edition Set - Approx. £140

  • The Rocketeer Watch

  • Exclusive 'Target' etched case back

  • Exclusive 1.75" 'Target' Collectible Coin

  • Premium Gold Foil Gift Box

  • Limited Edition of 400

I'm really tempted to take the plunge if you are click HERE to visit the Okkto website to part with your hard-earned...


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