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  • Rob


Are you a gun-toting, Republican-voting, friend of Trump looking to show Santa that you aren't messing about? Ladies and gentlemen, for your consideration, I present the Tactical Christmas Stocking. Available in black, multi-cam, digital multi-cam and, erm, pink cam this serious bit of kit can greet Old Saint Nick as he slips down your chimney, letting him know you mean business.

It is ideal for people who have served in the military or as a cool present for your Call Of Duty obsessed kids/nephews/nieces. Hey, looking at the picture below, it is the ideal place to hide Junior's first Glock and hunting knife. Wait, what? Anyway, if you want one they start at just £12 + P&P for the black one, rising to a whopping £55 inc P&P for the pink camo one.


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