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STEVE WRIGHT: 1954-2024...

Steve Wright, DJ on BBC Radio for over 40 years, has passed away at 69. His family conveyed the heartbreaking news, expressing their profound sorrow and regret.

Having joined the BBC in the 1970s, Wright became synonymous with the afternoon airwaves, charming audiences on both Radio 1 and Radio 2. Beyond radio, he graced television screens as well, notably hosting BBC's iconic music show, Top of the Pops.

Wright's final broadcast aired on Sunday, where he curated a pre-recorded Valentine's Day special for his 'Love Songs' program.

In a statement, Wright's family mourned his loss, stressing their deep sorrow and regret. They remembered him not only as a beloved father to Tom and Lucy but also as a cherished brother to Laurence, a son to Richard, and a dear friend and colleague to many.

Millions of devoted listeners also shared their loss, having welcomed Steve into their lives as one of the UK's most enduring and beloved radio personalities.

Goodbye, Mr. Serious Jockin'...


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