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Like home security? Like being able to watch your property from your phone? Like, erm, tiny drones? Well, Ring might just have the thing for you. Behold the magnificence of the Ring Autonomously Flying Indoor Security Camera (the marketing guys will need to work on that). I had to check that it wasn't April Fools Day for a minute there but this is an actual thing.

The Ring drone is on hand to fly around your house giving you an instant view of the interior of your home...assuming there are no closed doors in the way otherwise you will need a swarm of drones, like Mysterio used in the Spiderman movie, but with fewer guns hopefully.

The Ring blurb says something about using the drone to check the gas is off or that your window is closed but we all know it will be used to show off to your mates and annoy the cat.

Interested? Click HERE to register your interest in the Ring Drone (I've saved you some time there Ring marketing by renaming it to something cooler). Click on the image below to watch the little fella in action.


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