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QUIZ NIGHT 26/09/2020 - IN YOUR ENDO...

It was RH's turn to be the host with the most this week but he was snowed under with work so TC kindly stepped into the breach at short notice. Ironically, TC had got his dates wrong so was in work too and didn't really have the time to create the quality of quiz he was happy with so tried to lower our expectations about it. He shouldn't have bothered, the quiz was fabulous.

TC explained that there was no real theme, which was a theme in itself I guess. He had created a quiz with random questions to make it fair to everyone, there were reduced multiple-choices, it was an old school pen and paper quiz with a sprinkling of pictures and music sent via WhatsApp. It was a refreshing change and the night was all the better for it.

Poor HE didn't play because she "had the fear, thinking she had caught the 'vid" but it turned out to be a 24-hour thing thankfully. C&V didn't play either as they were in a boozer in Birmingham, surrounded by jubilant West Brom fans watching their team muller Chelsea. They were 3-0 up at half time, I joked with C that they should just about hold out for a draw with such a big lead...I was scarily right!

It was great to see JC acting at TC's wingwoman too, making us all jealous with an amazing tan after a soiree to Portugal last week. She wouldn't show RG her white bits though, the big tease...

JC asked if I had my hair in a ponytail as it was all swept back, I explained that it wasn't but it could be if I wanted. I whipped out the Alice band I have bought to try and keep my birds nest in check, AM grabbed one of his daughters and before long we had them on, haemorrhaging man points. Someone said that we looked like a pair of jarg Premiership-wannabe footballers - they were being kind!

So, I made some notes to help me write this little piece, but they are almost useless as a) they are indecipherable due to my drunken handwriting and b) what I can read is just gibberish. Please bear with me, I'll do my best, here is what I can make out:

* TC's pronunciation of French DJ and producer David Guetta - David Gee-tah if you will!

* An overly long conversation about RG's ex-boyfriends. It was all sand dunes and shoe bombs - true romance right there!

* TC letting rip with a massive eggy boff that made JC leg it off the screen. We thought the dog had dropped a Winalot bomb but no, it was human and manky by the looks of JC's face.

* MW nipping off screen for supplies, RH asking GW if she wanted to wait for her hubby or swap him for Kevin from The Eggheads.

* Question about Roald Dahl - AM: "George's Marvelous Medicine to a mad cunt in a volcano" - quite.

* Some sexual health advice from MW: "Do you know how to get rid of crabs? Rub yourself in sugar, it rots their teeth!"

* "Help! I'm going down on a nonce!" - Literally haven't got a clue who said that or what it is about but it is in my notes.

* "Two bonus points for Pigeon Street?"

* RH talking about his belt (I think): <Quint from Jaws voice on> "Taxidermist gonna shit when he sees what I brung him!" <Quint from Jaws voice off>

* Q. How many lobs does a leggster have? I think the ale was starting to impact the quizmaster at this point!

* MW and GW having an 'early' night leaving at just 12:30 - good going that guys!!!

* RG: "I can't get two fingers up." RH "That's what he said" - Literally no idea...

* The Innuendo Round!!! In YOUR endo you mean!!! Hall of Famer IMHO

* RH laughing so much at the innuendo round that he fell off the couch. He was laughing so much that he thought there were only 7 questions when there were 13! He had to answer the questions as the answers were being revealed to try to score some points!

* It went to a tie-break! Which is closer to Liverpool? Belfast or Dublin?

* DE leaving the chat after the quiz, we were convinced he was either watching Johnny Vaughn or was expecting a visit from La Femme!!!

* AM: "Singapore Maths can fuck right off"

* "A pinpoint focus in the mocasis (?) of shite" - haven't got a clue, not sure what 'mocasis' was supposed to be.

* Cliff Richard (right)

I can only apologise for the quality of my note-taking, a large chunk of that makes no sense to me either. There are other notes that are just scribbles, words that now look like mad little doodles. There is undoubtedly stuff I've missed and for this, I apologise, I was quite drunk by the end...very drunk to be honest.

What I do know is that the quiz was great, a load more laughs than last week probably because we were all on-screen most of the time. I think this is the way to go from me from now on, just use the presentation for picture and music rounds I reckon. The connection with people is as important as the questions themselves, I feel I lost sight of that for a while.

Well done to TC for a cracking quiz, a cracking laugh and for stepping in at short notice to ensure we all had something to look forward to on Saturday night - you are a diamond! Looking forward to RH's quiz this week, currently using Google Image search to check which cartoon characters have white in their eye!!!


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