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QUIZ NIGHT 25/07/2020 - PICASSO...

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

So, another weekend, another quiz night. Brilliant to see my favourite faces, it is the highlight of the lockdown week to meet up with all our friends for a night of quiz questions and nonsense! This week was M & G with their 'pre-mixed' quiz that they got from the internet. I was expecting the worst but we got the best!

It was a mad quiz, there was seemingly no rhyme or reason to the questions but it worked. There were way too many questions on Greek mythology, a lot on random madness and a fair few on social/geographical matters. The music rounds were a scream; imagine having to name 20 songs after a 20-second burst! I swear you cannot write "What Have I Done To Deserve This by The Pet Shop Boys" in 1 second!!!

The culmination was a one-off 'all or nothing' round about ranks in the navy (as far as I could tell), but because of a cock-up with the PowerPoint presentation we got the questions and answerers at the same time!!! We howled with laughter and M & G styled it out with a 60's music quiz.

Overall, this was one of my favourite quizzes because it was SO random. Every quiz we have had has had a theme, but this one didn't and it was all the better for it. Questions like; what are the two elements that make up pewter? Which Spanish artist had an exhibition at 14 (see pic)? What is the longest river in Italy? Completely different, but all in the same round!!!

I LOVE Quiz Night. It has been the activity that has kept me sane over the last 4 months. I build my week around it. Me and Ms L have a routine we follow each Saturday that starts at 16:00 and ends at, well, silly o'clock most weeks!!!

It is now 04:38 and I'm reflecting on another fabulous night. Thank you to M&G, S&E, M and R&R for another brilliant night. H, D, P and T&J, you were missed, hope to see you soon. Goodnight and god bless...


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