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QUIZ NIGHT 21/11/2020 - PICK AND MIX...

AM & HE were our host this week for their 'Woolies Pick And Mix' quiz, billed as 'a little bit of everything with no real theme'. They did reveal there was a round on The Joshua Tree (HE added it to annoy AM I suspect) and the much anticipated return of 'Club Singer'!

I've mentioned before that my note taking is bad but this week it is appalling. I've just had to message HE for a list of rounds we played and have no recollection at all of the first three! The rest don't seem to have anything to do with the mad scribbles I have in front of me. I'll do what I can, if you see any quotes next to a * I simply can't remember the context but have added the quote anyway.

The first three rounds were 'Just For Fun', 'Which Year' and 'Music Round' and I cannot remember anything about any of them other than making a quip that the 'Which Year' round could have been called 'One Year Out' in a nod to Pop Master and my ability to be close but still wrong.

My notes start with RH shouting at the screen when giving his scores as his feed cut out. He was saying " - five" which lead to the response "one plus five is six mate" from AM. Cue a purple faced RH screaming "Fifteen...FIFTEEN!!!"

TC & JC were having connection issues most of the night which gave me the opportunity to take a screen grab of a frozen JC in a startled pose that looked like TC was being a ventriloquist! Later there would be another grab with JC looking like the worlds most pissed off person. The issues were resolved when they crammed onto the end of the couch together so they didn't disturb the dog who was sprawled out like he owned the place! We know he does to be honest...

The thorny issue of no-one actually paying for Zoom Premium came up, lots of joking about setting up £2 direct debits before AM suggested he would drive around everyones house and collect pennies from the mob and drop them off at our house. EDC quipped that they would get away without paying as AM missed them out last time he did visits on this side of the water!

My notes then mention EDC talking about chopped banana on top of spam on toast with the word 'tomato' underneath, pretty sure I have got all of that wrong. Anyway this led to someone saying they had never heard of spam and RH going off on a rant about how he lived on spam as a kid. Again, I can only apologise for the state of this review.

* Hawaii 5-0 - cook 'em Dano...

In between rounds RH mentioned that the massive tree in his neighbours garden had been cut down which would allow him to do a bit of naked sunbathing. He said he could do his own little sundial, I chimed in that it would always be 'thumb o'clock', I got told to fuck off, which was fair.

Randomly, my notes pick up a little here! Next round was 'Blockbusters' and it was really good! You've all seen the TV show so know how the round works. As good as the questions were, my favourite bit was AM's "You prick" response to EDC after the asked him to repeat question number a 20 question round. Can't believe he was frantically searching for 21!!!

On to the Joshua Tree round. AM tried to explain why he hated U2, some of it was because he went to school with two people whose family won the pools and lavished their kids with gifts including records from the Irish rockers, Dire Straits etc which really irked him...that and the fact they used to cut about in berets too "the cunts" (to be fair, I'm with him on this one).

* Who is Barry Bale?

Considering their parents weren't even born when The Joshua Tree came out I reckon, it was a real surprise to learn that SDC & EDC actually got the highest score. I was mockingly grilled about what questions I got wrong, I explained I'd put the answer to one of the questions as false when it was true, turns out I'd actually got the question right but marked myself down in error! YAAAAS! That point meant we drew with the kids!!!

Next up was 'Royal - It's A Knockout' which took about 2 hours to explain, had about a million points available and led to HE apologising before it had even started! She needn't have worried, it was a great round, thoroughly entertaining and much easier to play than to explain!!!

* Oooh, Emlyn.

I was threatened with some free fertiliser on Sunday morning after JC confirmed that their gorgeous dog Will was "really boss with young dogs" and I suggested that they should rename him Jimmy Savile in that case! I need to check my front garden for a gift from a stunning Weimaraner...

* What setting do you want your WIFI on? Choke? Sound!!!

Next up was 'Big Nonce, Little Nonce' which was a cracking way to shoehorn our regular subject matter in these quizzes and give it a fresh twist. Simple enough, three nonces listed, put them in order from shortest to tallest. This led to the strange situation in our house of Miss L shouting from the toilet "Cliff - Gary - Rolf!!!"

* I'll repeat that in case MFI are listening in...I mean the CIA!!!

Then it was on to the return of the 'Club Singer' round. Personally, I think AM made these extra difficult but everyone else seemed to do ok. RH requested that AM do another run through of one particularly abstract song and was met by a firm but fair "fuck off" from our host. I remember demanding a Stewards Enquiry after he repeated the song 'Informer' by Snow as I thought he had made it way easier to work out the second time. I was met by a firm but fair "fuck off" from our host too.

And before you could say 'that is easily the worst write up ever' the quiz was done! Not only was I not jotting down significant moments in the night, I didn't actually make a note of who won! Like I say every week though, it doesn't really matter, it is having a laugh with your mates for a few hours on a Saturday night/Sunday morning.

Players started melting away and the remaining drunken bastards had an impromptu game of Give Us A Clue which nearly ruined me when RH tried to act out 'Salmon Fishing In The Yemen' (his own choice by the way). Imagine a bevied RH, repeatedly doing YMCA then declaring it was the rom-com starring Ewan McGregor and Emily Blunt when we couldn't get it! Cue fits of laughter.

AM asked whose turn was it to host next week, JC responded "quarter past two", TC sent her to bed at that point!!!

AM left the chat but, as I'd made him the host, he cut us all off. I started a new meeting for me, TC and RH but RH didn't rejoin - he was probably sat in his living room still doing YMCA shouting "I'm fishing, that is defo fishing!" Me and TC stayed up chatting nonsense no doubt and I eventually went to be at 03:21. I know this is the exact time because I sent a sloppy message to the WhatsApp group telling everyone how much I love them. Do you know what? I do...


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