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Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Another week another write up of the weekly Zoom get together where we get a little tipsy (a lot in my case) and try to answer all manner of cunningly sly questions from one of the group. This week it was DE's turn to be quizmaster and he did it with aplomb.

I always look forward to a DE quiz, you know there will be a fair few difficult questions and a decent presentation. The quiz was indeed pretty hard and the presentation, well it was a tour de force, to be honest. It all started with a branded virtual background in Zoom and ended with that quiz now the benchmark for slick presentation.

We had two new players this week! My good friends DB & JB made their quiz debut and, I hope, enjoyed the quiz, the banter, the madness, the moaning and the laughs that is Quiz Night. I kept an eye on them and saw their faces flash with confusion, surprise and amusement as the night unfolded. DB was querying questions and asking how many points there are per answer - he will fit in nicely.

The first round was all about the human body. Everyone has one so how hard can it be to answer questions on it...pretty hard it turns out, especially as hard taskmaster DE didn't make the quiz multiple guess, the big spoilsport! He threw us all by asking a question on the calorific value of the human body round!!! Classic quiz night fayre that.

The quiz came to halt as AM queried if the question on the four different types of teeth in an adults mouth would be worth a point each or 1 point for all four. At the time I thought it was a relatively harmless question then I remembered that HE works in a Dentist!!! Sly that AM. RH helped out by telling everyone that the two answers he had for the type of teeth were 'false' and 'black' - nice one RH!!!

Next up was a true or false round, a nice easy 50/50 round with answers on display so you can take an educated guess at the question and rack up some points, right? Wrong! In typical DE fashion, it was harder than Fred The Weatherman in an all-boys school. But, as TC said on the night, "if you aren't learning you aren't...yearning". Erm, yeah...

Next up was a phenomenal music round which didn't actually have any music in it. What it did have was 36 album covers with the names skillfully Photoshopped out leaving us all guessing what the LP was and who sang it. One of the albums featured was LA Woman by The Doors, DE thought it was pronounced 'lar' woman and that they were actually Scousers!!!

Next up was a cracking round on the wonderful wizarding world of everyone's favourite teenage sorcerer, Harry Potter. It wasn't TC's favourite round though as he has never seen any of the films. This was also a tough round for DE who mispronounced the name of Harry's sidekick Hermione as 'Her-mooney' much to the amusement of us all.

At this point, my notes get a little cryptic and the memory starts to falter under the strain of having to recount details after I had consumed a good three-quarters of a bottle of gin! All I've got is 'Weekend Hobbies', '80's Music Quiz' and 'Wirral FM'. If anyone can shed any light on that lot, let me know!!!

What I can remember is the almighty row between me and AM because 'The Joshua Tree' was announced as being the most influential album of the 1980s in some survey. Music is a personal thing, each song can be indelibly linked to a time, a place, a person, an event and if you think a song/album/artist is the best in the world then you are right, as it is your choice, your opinion. Saying that, 'The Joshua Tree' is the best album of the 80s and now I have written this, it is on the internet so it confirmed! Ner-ner-na-ner-ner!!!

EDC barked a classic Quiz Night comeback when he got into it with AM. The question was on the smallest planet in the solar system, there were answers bandied about, but AM cut everyone down when he said: "You are barking up the wrong tree, dickheads" to the group. EDC immediately shot back with "I stood up for you! Twat!!!" Made me laugh too much, up there with AM losing his shit when he was cut off in mid-rant a couple of months ago and was shouting "Don't fucking mute me!!!"

With the fancy virtual background - all black with pink and blue neon lights, DE reminded TC of something but he couldn't put his finger on it, eventually, he worked out that it looked like our quizmaster was recreating the cover of the classic Soft Cell album 'Non-stop Exotic Cabaret' Cue everyone diving on to Google to check, you know what? He was right! All that was missing was a leather jacket and a pair of shades...

AM had another rant, this time about something I'm sure is probably libellous and completely untrue involving an 80s pop star and a frozen turd dildo. I'm not sure how we got onto this, maybe it was an offshoot from the other almost certainly libellous and completely untrue discussion about another a 90s popstar who OD'ed on a Qantas flight from Europe to Australia.

The last note I have just says '3:30 - Ballycastle 5 year old'. No idea what this means, could be a whiskey, could be a discussion about a nonce - the way the post-quiz discussions go it is literally a toss of a coin these days.

So that was the quiz, an absolute triumph from DE. The best presentation we have had, some of the hardest questions we have had, fabulous music round and a thoroughly good laugh had by all. DE always delivers, I just hope I can do something half as good next week when it is my turn to host again. Really looking forward to it!


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