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A Cleveland artist stumbled across a cache of more than 2,000 metal dildos, wasn't quite sure what to do with such a massive find, so decided to make a picture of Donald Trump's face out of them. The result is fabulous.

It took over a week for Stephen Manka to create the artwork, carefully positioning the widow's comforters to create the perfect image, ensuring the shadows cast were just right which meant experimentation with vibe size and shape.

He is hoping to take the artwork on the road and has launched a Kickstarter fund to raise cash to send it to Washington, Dallas and Wisconsin initially then to follow Trump around on the campaign trail. As Manka says on his page, "If you want to see the #Dildodon in your city donate big and contact me directly..."

When asked about the unusual haul Manka said "They are vintage moulds, positives of the moulding process for creating dongs. This is my guess, but I envision that these were on the assembly line, dipped into a mould, and then removed, and then other materials were cast to make solid dongs. So, straight from a dildo manufacturing process.

"And there are just so many different ones. They were dusty, some were gnarly looking, and they range from outrageous veiny bastards to more decorate ones. There are some butt plugs in there too. It's a real mix."


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