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Want to fight COVID19 the natural way? According to this vegan bodybuilder you need to start necking semen. Tracy Kiss has been adding baby gravy to her diet since lockdown, reaping the benefits of the 200 vitamins and minerals contained in each squirt to help boost the body's natural immune system.

There are ethical advantages to downing daddy porridge too; "Seeing as there are no dairy or animal products in this, it is suitable for vegans" she claims, "It is also an antidepressant, helps you relax and helps you to sleep better at night".

Kiss stores her gift in the freezer, she smugly explains that the average amount produced is around a teaspoon at a time so it is perfect for icecube trays. Recipe ideas? She has got you covered. Try adding them to smoothies if you don't like the taste or just crunch them if man fat is your thing.

I thought this was a wind up but it looks like she is genuine, click on the image below to watch the video.


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