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ON THIS DAY, 1993...

On the 5th of July 1993, Björk's debut album Debut (sometimes referred to as 'Björk Debut' or simply 'Björk') was released. The album marked the beginning of Björk's solo career after she left the Icelandic alternative rock band The Sugarcubes.

'Debut' showcased Björk's unique and innovative musical style, blending electronic, dance, trip-hop, and alternative pop elements.

The album was well-received by critics and audiences, establishing Björk as a solo artist with a distinct voice and artistic vision.

It included several successful singles like "Human Behaviour," "Venus as a Boy," "Play Dead," and "Big Time Sensuality."

The success of "Debut" launched Björk into international fame and set the stage for her subsequent critically acclaimed and groundbreaking albums in the years to come.


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