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  • Rob

ON THIS DAY, 1991...

On 6th February 1991, Street Fighter 2 made its debut. One of the greatest beat 'em ups ever created. The game introduced us to some exotic characters like Blanka the Brazilian mutant who can generate massive amounts of electricity and Dhalsim the firebreathing yoga master from India.

Other characters included martial arts champions Ryu and Ken, Sumo Wrestler Eddie Honda who has devastating hand speed, ex-US Airforce Special Forces operative Guile who can create sonic booms, Chinese martial arts expert Chun Li who can deliver multiple powerful kicks in seconds and Zangief the Russian wrestler whose pile driver is one of the most powerful moves in the game.

This is the game that took a healthy chunk of my money when in college. This is the game that was partly responsible for me buying a Nintendo SNES. This is the game that gave me a nickname. Absolute worldy.


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