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ON THIS DAY, 1987...

On the 29th of May 1987, the film adaptation of 'Rita, Sue and Bob Too' is released.

It was directed by Alan Clarke and written by Andrea Dunbar, based on her own stage play. The film tells the story of two teenage girls, Rita and Sue, who engage in a sexual relationship with Bob, a married man.

Set in Bradford, England, the film explores the complexities of class, relationships, and social issues in a working-class community. It offers a frank portrayal of the girls' experiences, their desires, and the consequences of their actions. The movie tackles themes such as infidelity, youth, and the struggles of working-class life.

'Rita, Sue and Bob Too' received critical acclaim for its realistic depiction of working-class characters and its dark humor. However, the film also sparked controversy due to its explicit content and the portrayal of the girls' relationship with an older man.

It remains a notable work within British cinema for its exploration of taboo subjects and its provocative narrative.


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