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ON THIS DAY, 1985...

On 22nd November 1985, Lloyd Cole & The Commotions released 'Easy Pieces' the band's second studio release. The group, led by singer-songwriter Lloyd Cole, gained popularity in the 1980s with their intelligent and sophisticated pop-rock sound.

The album includes some well-known tracks, such as 'Lost Weekend' and 'Brand New Friend'. 'Lost Weekend' in particular was a successful single and received positive critical acclaim.

The song's catchy melody and Cole's distinctive vocals contributed to its popularity.

'Easy Pieces' generally received positive reviews upon its release. Critics appreciated Lloyd Cole's sharp and literate songwriting and the album's sophisticated pop-rock sound was well-received.

The band's ability to blend intelligent lyrics with catchy melodies was a standout feature.

Some critics noted that 'Easy Pieces' showcased a more polished and refined sound compared to the band's debut album. The lyrical depth and the musical arrangements continued to highlight Lloyd Cole's songwriting prowess.


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