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ON THIS DAY, 1973...

On the 12th July, 1973 Live And Let Die made its British premier. Live and Let Die is the eighth James Bond film released by Eon Productions. It starred Roger Moore as James Bond, replacing Sean Connery in the role. The film was directed by Guy Hamilton and is based on Ian Fleming's eighth James Bond novel of the same name.

In Live and Let Die, James Bond is assigned to investigate the deaths of three British agents who were investigating drug lord Dr. Kananga, played by Yaphet Kotto. Bond's investigation takes him to New York, New Orleans, and the fictional Caribbean island of San Monique.

Along the way, he encounters a voodoo practitioner named Baron Samedi, played by Geoffrey Holder, and forms a romantic relationship with a mystic named Solitaire, played by Jane Seymour.

The film features action-packed sequences, including boat chases through Louisiana swamps and a thrilling climax involving a train.

Live and Let Die also introduced a new musical direction for the Bond franchise, with the title song performed by Paul McCartney and Wings. The song became a hit and remains one of the most famous Bond theme songs.

Live and Let Die was generally well-received by audiences and critics, and it was a commercial success at the box office. It marked the beginning of Roger Moore's tenure as James Bond, and he would go on to portray the iconic spy in six more films.


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