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ON THIS DAY, 1973...

On the 13th of June, 1973, Rega Research was founded by engineer Roy Gandy and hi-fi dealer Tony Relph in Southend-on-Sea, Essex. The company's name comes from their initials, (RElph & GAndy). Gandy is still the owner but Relph left soon after the company started.

Rega Research Ltd is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality audio equipment, specializing in turntables, amplifiers, speakers, and other audio components. Rega Research has gained a reputation for producing exceptional audio products known for their attention to detail, sound quality, and craftsmanship.

Rega turntables, in particular, are highly regarded by audiophiles and music enthusiasts.

The company focuses on designing and manufacturing turntables that offer excellent performance at various price points, ranging from entry-level models to more advanced and premium offerings.

In addition to turntables, Rega also produces amplifiers, CD players, DACs (Digital-to-Analog Converters), and loudspeakers, all designed with a focus on audio fidelity and musical enjoyment.

Rega Research has a dedicated following and has received numerous accolades and awards for its products. Their commitment to quality and audio performance has made them a respected brand among HiFi enthusiasts.


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