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ON THIS DAY, 1926...

Kenneth Williams was born on the 22nd of February 1926 in London. He was a highly talented English actor, comedian, and writer best known for his radio, film, and television work. He sadly passed away on April 15, 1988.

Williams gained widespread recognition as a regular performer in the "Carry On" series of British comedy films, where he became known for his distinctive voice, camp demeanour, and comedic timing.

He appeared in 26 of the 31 "Carry On" films, portraying a variety of characters, often with exaggerated comedic flair. Some of his notable roles in the series include characters like the snobbish hospital patient in "Carry On Doctor" and the conniving Caesar in "Carry On Cleo."

Aside from his film work, Williams was a prolific performer on stage and television. He was a regular panellist on the BBC radio comedy show "Round the Horne" and its sequel "Beyond Our Ken," where he showcased his wit and comedic talents. He also appeared in numerous television shows, including sitcoms, variety, and talk shows.

Williams was known for his quick wit, sharp tongue, and ability to deliver double entendres with impeccable timing, which made him a beloved figure in British comedy.

Despite his public persona as a comedic performer, Williams struggled with personal demons, including depression and loneliness, which he often masked with his humour.

In addition to his acting career, Williams was also a talented writer and diarist. He published several books, including his memoirs and collections of his diaries, offering insight into his professional life and his personal struggles.

Kenneth Williams left a lasting legacy in British comedy and is remembered for his unforgettable performances and contributions to the golden age of British entertainment.


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