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ON THIS DAY, 1812...

On 7th February 1812, Charles Dickens was born. He was an English writer and social critic who created some of the world's best-known fictional characters and is regarded as one of the greatest novelists of the Victorian era.

His works, which include novels, short stories, and non-fiction, are still widely read today and have been adapted into numerous stage and film productions.

Some of Dickens's most famous novels include:

  • Oliver Twist (1837-1839) - A story of an orphan boy who faces the hardships of the Victorian era and encounters various characters, including the infamous Fagin and the Artful Dodger.

  • David Copperfield (1849-1850) - Often considered Dickens's most autobiographical work, this novel follows the life of its titular character from childhood to adulthood, depicting his struggles and triumphs.

  • Great Expectations (1860-1861) - The story of Pip, an orphan boy who rises from humble beginnings to seek his fortune, only to realize the actual values of life.

  • A Tale of Two Cities (1859) - Set in London and Paris before and during the French Revolution, this novel explores themes of sacrifice, resurrection, and the contrasts between England and France during that turbulent period.

  • Bleak House (1852-1853) - A complex narrative that intertwines the lives of various characters with Victorian England's legal system, exposing the legal system's flaws and injustices.

  • Hard Times (1854) - A novel that critiques the time's utilitarian philosophy and depicts the working class's struggles in an industrial town.

Dickens's writing often highlighted social injustices and the plight of the poor, drawing attention to the harsh realities of life during the Victorian era. His memorable characters and vivid storytelling continue to captivate readers around the world.


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