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Thanks to one of the contributors in one of the groups I'm in, I was compelled to listen to this album again for the first time in years which meant a trip online to pick up this, a 2014 reissue.

If 1987s ‘Kick’ was the album that got me into INXS, ‘X’ was the one that made me love them. For me, it is arguably their most complete album, I honestly think that there isn’t a bad song on the record.

If I were to be critical I would say that ‘X’ is a bit ’Kick II’ - a case of “if it ain’t broke then don’t try to fix it” but this isn’t a problem as I adore ‘Kick’.

There are the big singles on here, ‘Suicide Blonde’, ‘Disappear’, ‘Bitter Tears’ and ‘By My Side’ then there are the less familiar songs which are, in my opinion, just as good; ‘The Stairs’, ‘Lately’, ‘Know The Difference’ and ‘Hear That Sound’.

Curiously, my version of the record has some of the tracks in the wrong order. The album is supposed to finish with the epic ‘Hear That Sound’ but on my copy, it has been bumped to track 3 on side b. Curious.

If you fancy a copy it is available used for about £10 on eBay or about £25 on Amazon for a new copy with the weird track listing.

Tracks To Try: Any of the tracks listed above/all of them.


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