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Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs is the stage name of Orlando Higginbottom (which also sounds like a stage name to me). ‘When The Lights Go’ is the first new album from him in 10 years and it is a cracker.

Brought up in Oxford but now based in Los Angeles, Higginbottom spent the last decade DJing and remixing but has returned to songwriting declaring that “There’s nothing cool about being a DJ anymore. It’s so absolutely run of the mill and uncreative. I can’t believe we’ve bought into it for so long.” Ooh, er!

So what has he produced? In a nutshell, just over an hour of synthpop/dance goodness. There is a little bit of everything on here from catchy electro-pop like ‘Never See You Dance’ to heartfelt ballads like ‘Treason’ to proper dance bangers like ‘Sound & Rhythm’. There are even a couple of instrumental tracks included.

The album was released in September but this Dinked Edition was delayed (probably so the pressing plant could churn out another couple of thousand copies of Queen’s Greatest Hits) and finally arrived today. It comes on double marbled blue LP (nice) with and art print and Obi strip (whatevs).

Tracks To Try: ‘Never See You Dance’, ‘Sound & Rhythm’, ‘When The Lights Go’, ‘Through The Floor’.


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