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Updated: Jan 13, 2023

The last of the Mercury Award nominated albums I have so thought I’d give it another blast. I did a mini review/recommendation of this in April, this is what I said in the Spring:

There has been tons of hype surrounding Wet Leg, turns out they are a Marmite band: you either love or hate them. After listening to this album all morning on Spotify before the postie delivered my copy, I can confirm I’m in the love camp.

Preordered this album off the back of one single played repeatedly on BBC6Music (Chaise Longue), as subsequent singles were released I am glad I did.

If you are expecting an album of borderline novelty songs like that first single then you will be disappointed. The album is filled with catchy indie rock songs though, delivered via sickly sweet vocals with some filthy lyrics!!!

Tracks To Try: ‘Angelica’, ‘Wet Dream’, ‘Too Late Now’.


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