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Updated: Jun 15

One of the most delayed albums I’ve ever bought. Think it was almost a year from paying until the thing was delivered. Was it worth the wait? Yeah, I’d say so.

The Dutch four piece were apparently inspired to name this album ‘Welcome Break’ by the service stations that litter Britain’s motorway network, a sight they saw frequently after the relentless touring they did promoting their debut LP. It is a pity Little Chef have gone, that would have been a better name for the album I reckon…

So how does it sound? Similar to their debut ‘Boat’ to be honest (which is a good thing). Bright, jangly, indie pop with a hint of old fashioned grunge rock. There are quieter moments too, most noticeably on the excellent ‘Different Tune’.

This is the Dinked Edition which comes on exclusive blue vinyl with an alternative, cut away sleeve which is nice. It also comes with an art print and a sticker sheet which I couldn’t care less about to be honest.

Tracks To Try: ‘You Don’t Want This’, ‘Keep It Together’, ‘Different Tune’, ‘Not Easy To Like’.


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