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Updated: Jan 13

It is great discovering new music but sometimes I crave something familiar. Today I fancied something familiar…and loud…and shouty…so the obvious choice was Pixies.

I haven’t got around to re-buying the albums again but this best of compilation will more than do. 3 songs from ‘Come On Pilgrim’ and ‘Trompe Le Monde’, 4 songs from ‘Bossanova’, 5 songs from ‘Surfer Rosa’ and a whopping 8 songs from ‘Doolittle’.

Pixies passed me by originally but I got on to them when they resurfaced in the 00s.

I travelled to Brixton Academy in 2004 to see them and was blown away, they headlined The Leeds Festival the following year and I was lucky enough to catch them again.

Tracks To Try: All/any of them!!!

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