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Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Following the success of their second album ‘Visions Of Light’, Ishmael Ensemble released this new record, a collection of reworks, remixes and reimagined tracks (as they call it).

‘Versions Of Light’ (I see what they did there) was a chance for friends and family of the band to create something completely new from the original ‘Visions’ tracks. The sessions spawned the usual club mixes but also some almost completely new songs that are only loosely based on the source material.

All this tweaking has created an album that barely resembles the original. It now has dub tracks, dance bangers and a strange Bjork-esque, harp heavy, otherworldly piece (Looking Glass - Stanley Version). There are also some beautifully simple piano and voice songs too.

There are a very limited number of records available via Bandcamp if you fancy taking a punt…

Tracks To Try: ‘Soma Centre (Medlar Version)’, ‘’Empty Hands (Rider Shafique Version)’, Morning Chorus (Home Version)’.


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