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Mist, real name Alfa Sekitoleko is a multi-instrumentalist, MC, producer and label owner from East London. He does a mean line in modern British jazz which melts into R&B and hip hop.

This new album is mostly instrumental but also sees Mist on vocal duties on the track ‘Borderline’. I’m not one for rap in any way shape or form but I must admit I appreciate his lyrics, describing the assumptions placed on youth of colour in Britain. “Everyday trauma, normalised – three options: music, sport or crime”. Powerful.

The next song is ‘Aged Eyes’ which features Kaya Thomas-Dyke’s gorgeous vocals weaving their way through a layered neo-soul track which acts as a kind of balm after the harsh tone of the last track.

The album also features South African folk singer Bongeziwe Mabandla on the hypnotic ‘Apho’ before Mist gets back on the mic for ‘4th Feb (Stay Awake)’ which sounds like a recording of an improv session.

For me, the highlight of the record is its title track which starts off nu-jazz before Mist whips out the guitar for a fabulously restrained solo then the two combine into an epic finale. This track has been played a lot!

If you fancy some cracking modern jazz blended with soul, funk and hip hop then this album should be on your list. It is available for about £22 all over the place.

Tracks To Try: ‘Foreword’, ‘Borderline’, ‘Aged Eyes’, ‘The Gist’, ‘Variables’, ‘BC’.


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